Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How do I love Thee?

Yummy Vintage Vogue Patterns.
I try not to be a snob, but I do have a real preference for Vogue Couturier Design
Patterns over any others.
You can have a dress that seems chic, but nothing special until you look at the details.
Each of the designs below have great stand-up collars, very new look and nice skirts.
But the details of each skirt! The first has a nice flare skirt with deep forward pleats
at each of the side seams. The second looks like a slim, wiggle skirt with bucket pockets.
The surprise is this back flare from deep pleats on each side of a wide back panel.
Just wonderful.
Each of these patterns are available right now at auction on eBay from The Zaftig Goddess.

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