Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Big Hair and Fanny Packs

According to New York Magazine three is a trend and 2 of the "new" trends at Fashion Week are big hair and fanny packs.
Just like New Yorkers to think Big Hair and Fanny Packs ever went "out".
Here in my part of the South any chi-chi luncheon is full of these scary skinny wives of rich men with their skelator bodies and huge bobble heads.

The look to the left, in particular, is quite familiar.
Add a great big bow in back and it would look like any number of dress wearing, homeschooling, fundi gals I see everyday.

And though the fanny packs shown are cute, they are still fanny packs.
That is a look that will, once again, be abused by the same large size women who decided it was ok to wear hip hugger jeans with belly baring shirts to WalMart.

Think of the children folks.

Thank God the Go Fug Yourself gals are also in New York this week discussing the antics of Paris, Demi and the like.
On a bright note I love the Spring 2007 collection from Tuleh which is
very 40's vintage looking, wonderful prints, lady-like without being boring.
You know Hepburn would have worn a dress like this:

If the "vintage look" is what you crave why not wear real
vintage like this dress from The Vintage Peacock on Mainstreet Vintage?
While you are there don't forget to check out the snazzy goods at
Damn Good Vintage.

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