Monday, March 09, 2009

Thunder and Lightning

I think David Brooks is an ass.
I now watch News Hour Tivo'd so I can skip over Brooks spewing and just listing to the other dudes.
I really don't like Maureen Dowd much either for oh, so many annoying reasons, but I did enjoy this column she wrote. Besides the fact that we now know she rides around in taxis with Brooks and asks him about Mrs. O's arms we also got this:

"In the taxi, when I asked David Brooks about her amazing arms, he indicated it was time for her to cover up. “She’s made her point,” he said. “Now she should put away Thunder and Lightning.”

I wonder why David is uncomfortable with the biceps?
Is he one of those guys who think since they can't control their upper arm attractions that it is up to us ladies to cover them up?
Maybe he is just an old fuddy duddy who wonders why the First Lady is out with her head uncovered and no gloves.
(and I just might be a fuddy duddy cause I would love if we still wore hats and gloves out in public...more for economic and astetic reasons since I know that gloves and hats are actually a big pain in the ass to have to deal with.)

Talk to me when Michelle starts wearing PJ pants and slippers to the grocery store, then I'll worry about what she is wearing.
(and really 20somethings, what is it with the slippers and PJs at WalMart. Is it that hard to slip on a pair of knit pants and Keds?)

Mrs. O and I are the same age and if my shoulders/arms looked as good as hers I would be sleeveless 24/7, 365 days a year.

At least she wears cardigans now and again.
As it is, even Jackie went sleeveless on occasion.

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