Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Demise of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace

Here's the deal.
If John McCain is sending out "tweets" then twitter is no longer cool.
If your mom is on Facebook and can "friend" you, Facebook will soon go the way of LiveJournal.
And the only reason your mom is on MySpace is to see what YOU are doing on MySpace, so take down those "sexy" pictures.

If I am doing any of the above, then they are no longer relevant.
I have tried:
LiveJournal (which I did like)
MySpace (which I hate)
Twitter (which I just don't get...I don't care about the minutiae of any ones life, except maybe Neil and Sockington. Even then I don't want to know when either takes a bathroom break.)
and FaceBook (which I have decided is only good for posting pictures of the teenager across the street and tagging it so he can freak out that some hotty will see him as a chubby, but cute kid of 6...or finding a picture my sister posted of my teenage nephew in a big chicken costume and showing it to my teen so he can LOL at said cousin. Which my sister and mom were the whole point of FaceBook for me, I just wanted to see if they would friend me or ignore me. Issues much?)

Really, this gal has decided that all of these Internet networking sites are just a big waste of energy and time. If I want to talk to someone, I'll pick up the phone or email them.
If I want to rant, I do it here, and if I want to get in contact with someone from high school....oh, wait I have no desire to get in contact with anyone from high school.*
That's why I do not go to reunions.

*Except for Theresa Schultz who lives in Phoenix and was my BFF in highschool and for some reason we drifted apart (and it has nothing to do with the fact that I found out that you DID get it on with Frank who I was in love with FOREVER. Seriously, nothing to do with that). I would assume this is natural as our lives took different paths, but it would be cool to say hi. So Theresa Schultz, who lives in Phoenix and works as an architect for some large firm, email me if you ever google your name and this blog pops up...Julie says hi.

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E.B. Finds said...

Seriously-you just hit the nail on the head. I got on Facebook because my siblings out of state were all on it, and it was a good way to keep up. Suddently it turned into some obnoxious and bizarre high school reunion. Unless you are using it to promote your business, it is a useless, egomaniacal waste of time.