Monday, March 09, 2009

Goin' Galt

I've been thinking about the whole "Going Galt" movement and wondering how anyone can be so full of themselves. It just seems so selfish to me.

“Why should I continue to work 60-80 hour work weeks so that I can pay more taxes to support the 50% of the population who don’t pay federal taxes and feel they deserve more handouts from the government? I don’t feel that I was lucky or fortunate to be where I am today because I remember the times of working all night and sacrifices to be where I am today… How many employees put in that kind of effort into their job?”

But you were lucky.
Or you were in the right place at the right time, maybe you had family or friends who helped you in ways you will never know.
Sure you worked hard, but there are TONS of folks who worked just as hard as you did who’s business did not take off.
It really is all about fate and luck and karma so stop thinking you did this on your own.

We are all in this together and while individualism is a good thing no one lives on an island.
One way or another you benefited from what someone else or your gov’t did.

I was just looking at pictures of the folks in California living in a tent city. Working people who worked hard, but have lost everything. Maybe the "going Galt" proponents think they just didn’t work hard enough.
It made me think how selfish and un-seemly all of this “going Galt” BS seems.
“I’ve got mine (at least my $249,999) and screw you” is not the way to make a country or Democracy work.


RR said...

You are sooooo right. I realize now that I should feel guilty about the fact that have had success in my life, it isn't fair that I should be so blessed-please come over to my house and eat the food out of my refrigerator. I am not worthy, please take my clothes, I don't deserve them. Could you take whats left of my retirement as well, I want to eat cat food in my old age-and please ration my health care, because it was wrong of me to be responsible and buy health insurance when I was working my ass off to build my business, and pay my mortgage for the house I haven't flipped for 20 years and all those other filthy capitalistic, self-serving egregious acts against the charities I have supported, the kids recereation teams I have sponsored and the jobs I have been so greedy in creating. God Damn me!!!!

RR said...

p.s. it's Galt, not Gault- U is not part of the name and obviously not part of the philosophy.

Julie The Vintage Goddess said...
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Julie The Vintage Goddess said...

Thanks dude, fixed the typo.
And nice way to completely miss the point of the post...or maybe you just proved what I said.

Erik said...

what an idiot ! no one is going to your home to mooch off ur caviar and champagne you moron. u self centered p.o.s. it is redeculous that u complain about a minor increse in ur taxes u wont even feel so some other HUMAM BEING can eat. sorry u wont be able to keep both your boats . maybee u can try and claim unemployment because u want to claim ur boat as a lost job. going gault what a jerk .