Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Making the Sasauge

Normally we vintage clothing sellers prefer the buyers to think that awesome vintage clothes are delivered each night by Fairies who look like Bettie Page and dress from the pages of the 1956 Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog.
Sadly, this is not the case.
Sure, some days you go on a call and in a humidity controlled, cedar lined closet you are presented with a nice assortment of vintage dresses with nary a flaw.
These days are few and far between.
Most days are like this.

So that is the set up.
Lilli Diamond set, red dye stain, never gonna come out.




I let it sit there for 3 months while I thought about it, finally I decided I had nothing to loose and grabbed my handy spray bottle, filled it with Biz and water and sprayed the spots over and over again for about 4 days.
I then filled my tub with water and Biz and in went the dress and coat.
And they sat and sat and sat in in the tub for 2 days.
When I finally pulled them out there was just a wee bit of pinkish tan shadow where the red would be.
So this weekend I repeated the process with the spraying of the Biz and there is no indication there was ever a dye transfer mark at all on either garment.
Let this be a lesson.
Dye transfer will release from rayon at least, I have yet to get it out of nylon.

So it is up on the site, waiting for the right buyer.

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Miss Janey said...

That's FABULOUS! Nice work.