Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good Foundations

No I am not talking about the kind that holds up a building.
I mean the kind that hold in the tummy and push up the boobs.
Girdles, waist cinchers and "all in ones".

Warner's Merry Widow Ad, Vogue 1954

I am also NOT talking about spanx.

I bring this up because I took a return this week for a dress that fit the customer perfect in the waist, hips and bust. But it was a bit too tight in the underbust area.
I did not ask if the customer was wearing the proper foundation garments or not.
If she had been wearing an all-in-one or a high waist girdle the dress might have fit perfect.

I get the not wanting to wear a girdle, but ladies vintage clothing was constructed to be worn over foundation garments. One of the reasons modern women, even skinny gals have a problem getting vintage dresses to fit properly is our problem with wearing a good girdle.

Yes they can be a bit uncomfortable, but look what some of you wear on your can a girdle be anymore painful then some of the shoes I see gals wear.
And your choices are not just limited to vintage lingerie.
There are modern foundations online and even at your local WalMart.
Playtex still makes those girdles you can get in a box.

Not as awesome as the offerings at Dollhouse Bettie, but they will still do the job.

Strides have been made in fabrics and components that are more comfortable without losing the control that you need to fit into that vintage wiggle dress you have fallen in love with.

Lilli Ann Embossed Jacquard Dress, Vogue 1954

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