Sunday, July 20, 2008


More pearls of wisdom from Kim over at The Girl Can't Help It...this time it is birds.

"I hate birds. They're flying disease machines with eyeball-scratchy claws and beaks of pokey torture and just the thought of them flying anywhere near my personal space is enough to make me run for the hills. If the hills were made of Xanax. Am I a mental case? Magic 8 Ball says "it is certain"! Ever notice how sometimes they're ganged up in the parking lot and when you walk past them they don't even flinch, but instead give you the "oh no you DIDN'T" look? They're up to something and probably shouldn't be trusted. Those arrogant flying jerks."

Too much Hitch?
I don't know, but some birds do seem to be up to something.
On the list of creepy things birds are below clowns and fucking dolls, but they are above squirrels and giant badgers.

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