Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Like Oprah in a Way....

I love Dress a Day.
Erin is a wonderful writer and we share the same brain when it comes to novelty prints and dress designs.
Erin also commands a vast army of vintage dress/pattern sewing readers/minions who upon her word will swoop down on your website and buy your stuff.
Today it was my turn.
She posted about this awesome pattern she bought, mentioned my birthday was last week, pointed out a few patterns and the flurry of sales began.
Not complaining.
I love to see my vintage patterns go to new homes.

I'm just saying she is like The Oprah with her awesome selling power.
and minions.
and I think she is nicer then Oprah....I really don't like The Oprah.

I wonder if readers/minions get hats or t-shirts?

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