Friday, April 04, 2008

If Only I Had Known

Seems that teens in Florida who are the beneficiaries of the states awesome abstinence only sex ed program think that smoking pot can keep one from getting pregnant.

If only I had known, all those years of rubbers and the pill, all a waste when you realize that I could have smoked reefer instead.

Some also believe that drinking a cap full of bleach (seriously? I would think shooting up your vag would work better....NOT) will take care of the HIV and a shot of Mountain Dew (cause we know it will kill anything) can also keep you from getting preggers.

Thank goodness the FL. state leg has used the studies information to pass a more comprehensive sex ed program.

I wonder if they also read the study that found out that tons of girls are having ass sex with their boyfriends because technically it means they are still virgins (and didn't mean their boyfriend was gay) while not breaking that "saving it for marriage" pledge they took in church to make their parents happy.
(just in case here is a site where you can get your own "purity ring".....awesome.)

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