Thursday, November 01, 2007

Vintage 1940's Suits

Today I got an amazing 40's suit.
Nipped waist, curvy with an white ermine collar.
No I have no pictures yet.
But it is sweet.

These "Noir" suits are one of my favorite types of vintage 40's clothes and I happy to see that the fitted, curvy look is slowing showing up again in modern fashion.
It makes me think of women who were "dames"
Gals who could drink whiskey and smoke and curse like the guys, but were still feminine like Hepburn or Bacall.

The suits are stern and military like, a "take no shit" look with the huge Joan Crawford shoulders, but also sexy as hell.

My friend Lisa of The Wiggle Room Boutique on eBay sent me a link to this sharp Ted Stein vintage 40's suit she has listed at auction.
"The 40s were known for their classic ladies' suits, and this is a wonderful example. The jacket is nipped in the waist, to create an hourglass effect, and to balance out the shoulder pads. The tabs you see are not pockets, they are simply added detail......"

The three vintage 40's suits above are available at Damn Good Vintage.

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