Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Stuff at My House

I got some new (at least to me) pieces of vintage furniture in the last few weeks.
First off is my new 50's vintage kitchen table.
This is what it looked like when we got it home:
This is what it looks like now:
Hubby cleaned it it up very nicely.
I really like that "cracked ice" top.
Found it at an estate sale in the storage shed they had were not gonna clean out.
I got it for 10 dolla!
That is my kind of price.
This weekend I got this awesome 50's Kroehler chair
from what I assume was their "Galaxy Designs" group.
It is in just great condition, very comfy and the perfect "reading" chair for me.
I got it from a friend of a friend (which probably makes him my friend too) who sells Mid Century Modern furniture.
I looked all over eBay for an ad, but found none, there were tons of Kroehler ads, just none for the "Galaxy" line. I need to go though my vintage magazine stash and see if I can find one.
Maybe someday I'll run across one of these sofas.

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