Monday, November 05, 2007

Now That is a Skirt

I have a habit of going back to the same vintage sellers over and over again. Partly because I know them or are friends with them, but also some sellers just have the most amazing vintage clothes.
Ang at Dorothea's Closet is one of them.
Angie of Capricorn Vintage is another.

Do you know there used to be a time when all women had a full length dress in their closet?
They would wear them to nightclubs and out for dinner and dancing or
to a monthly local dance.

We really have become too casual.
(writes the woman who is still in her jammies at of the perks of working at home)
These days it really has to be almost a BALL for a woman to have need
of a dress like this...or she has to be a movie star who is on the red carpet a few times a week.

What a vintage 50's dress!
An attention getter, great bodice.
The color combination on paper would sound crazy,
but in practice is a statement and very lush.

I agree with Angie that it does remind one
of a Fred Perlberg.
Oh and that skirt?
Get a load of the back!
As Angie says:
The back view is just marvelous.
The colors from the bust in front head around to the back.
Where it is inset into the HUGELY full skirt.
So dramatic and what an exit! Wonderful when dancing.

Can you imagine dancing in a dress like this?
Can you imagine what a Diva you would feel like in it?

This is the kind of dress that will make other women feel bitter that they have sniffed at "vintage" dresses before and rue the day they snubbed you.

Now don't you wish you had a formal occasion
on the horizon that you could wear this creation to? So if you are one of those gals who are lucky enough to show up in the "society"
pages of your local paper and what to stand out and make all the other women sigh
with jealousy, this dress is for you.

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