Sunday, November 25, 2007


Got a bit of a Battlestar Galactica fix tonight which helps rid a bit of the bitterness I am feeling since noticing that Pushing Daisies (the BEST new show on TV...sweet and funny and cool and smart and odd and I cry at the end each week, I'm such a sap) is going to be pre-empted* by a freaking razorback basketball game.
Do I care about a basketball game?
No I do not.
I must see what happens next to Chuck and the Pie maker.

Of course Tivo could be wrong....I can only hope.

*Yes I know that in the big scheme of things missing a favorite tv show ranks pretty low, but with the dreck that passes for tv (what with BSG not coming back till march and no HBO for The Wire, Pushing Daises and Dexter are about the only really entertaining shows out there) these days I feel a bit bitter and I can't tell if it will be shown later or on another night.
And I don't trust myself to write a nice email at the moment to inquire.

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