Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is Your Best Friend a Psycho

My friend Ang thought I needed to take a look at the cards over on Roger That! Laboriously Handmade Cards.

How did she know (except she knows my sense of humor and has spent many hours laughing at the LOLcats with me over on icanhascheeseburger whilst talkin' on the phone) I would find them so LOLROTFLOMG!!!1111!!!!!! and all that.
She was right.
I dig 'em.
Seriously, they are right up my alley with cards like "Happy Holidays from ASSHOLEVILLE!"
and "Is Your Best Friend a Psycho?" and a ton of cards with MCM furniture* on them.
There are boobie! cards, and glam vintage gal cards and bizzare "what the hell does this mean" cards and oh, yes Jesus cards.
And most of them have little gems written next to them, like this:

Here’s where reading all these damn card descriptions actually pays off. The police use the following test on suspects to see if they’re dealing with a psychopath. It’s a REAL TEST. REALLY.

Call your best friend and casually tell it the following anecdote:

Maggie is at her mother's funeral. She meets George. They go out a few times, and she falls madly in love with him, but George seems indifferent and finally stops returning her calls. Maggie kills her sister.

Now here's the test: ask your potentially psycho best friend, "Why did Maggie kill her sister?"

If your friend retorts, "Well, OBVIOUSLY because she wants to see George again," then your best friend is, indeed, a psycho.

Jesus, that is brilliant!

So I ordered a set of "Glam" cards for a "Secret Santa" gift and also picked up some of the Xmas cards to give to my bitches (they know who they are).
I'll let ya know what I think when they get here, but I'm pretty sure that the Roger That! folks will be raking in more of my money in the near future.

*A category that has a long paragrah explaining just "why" there are so damn many furniture cards. Who cares? Cards with Danish Modern Furniture on them are made of awesome in my book.

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vintage sue said...

Your blog is hilarious. Thanks for pointing me to Roger That! They will be sucking my wallet dry, too. Keep at it, grrrl!