Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Last of the Summer Flowers and an Auction

We are going to have a killing freeze tonight so this morning I went out and cut the last of the summer flowers that are blooming.
Zinnias and lilacs.
Yes, lilacs.
The lilac bush re-bloomed late in September when we got lots of rain and the temps cooled down from the 100's.
So here in Arkansas is finally fall and the best kind of weather. Cold at night and in the low 70's during the day.

Sunday I attended a "Ladies Tea Auction" with a vintage seller friend of mine. They had lots of vintage jewelry and vintage dresses, shoes and lingerie. I was focused on the clothes and had missed the 50's 3-D picture of the last supper until it was up for bid.
OMG, I love me some Jesus Kitsch!
Had to have it.
Got it.
Here it is on the wall by the altar.
I also got a pretty celluloid comb with rhinestones for my hair and a "Cable Car" Enid Collins purse, which like all EC purses I get is missing stones, but I love the pink of it.

Of course I got clothes.
The best is the vintage 30's and 40's bias cut nightgowns that will be listed in a few weeks on Damn Good Vintage.
It was a fun day and a nice theme auction from the auction company, there was even a finger food buffet. They also had wine, which was quite a smart move on their part as I would think a drunk bidder is a bidder with no control.
No, I did not partake precisely for that reason.

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