Monday, December 22, 2008

Open Tabs

My open tabs in the last week included these:

Department Stores is a fun website with lots of historical information about department stores in the US with an emphasis on the Portland, OR area.

Over on Pajiba they had one of the funniest conversations concerning dogs, vandals, spoilers and the movie Marley and Me. Be aware there are SPOILERS in the thread.

I wish I had found this Dean Martin Christmas CD before it was too late, besides the cover being super cool it has all my favorite Christmas songs done by Dean-o.

Speaking of Christmas songs, Fairytale of New York, The Pogues and the late Kirsty MacColl, still tops my list of Christmas songs.

Yes, that is Matt Dillon as the cop.

Dickipedia now has a listing for Rod Blagojevich.
"On December 9, 2008, adding dick insult to dick injury, Blagojevich was detained by the FBI and charged with conspiracy to commit fraud as well as solicitation of bribery for allegedly trying to sell president-elect Barack Obama’s vacated seat in the U.S. Senate. This happened the day before Blagojevich’s 52nd birthday. One imagines they canceled the stripper. "

What can I say? Fuck You, Penguin...."A blog where I tell cute animals what's what".

What-I-Found, a new blog from Tina who travels the country with her hubby in an RV and sells patterns with me on Mainstreet Vintage. Her new blog has oodles of vintage catalogs and vintage advertisements scans.

Hollis from Past Perfect Vintage has begun blogging about the Inauguration fashions of our former First Ladies. Great idea, great images....all I know is there is Mamie in all her pink glory and in comes Babe Paley in this.

I agree with the Sartorialist, Morris Day had a fabulous sense of style. (you have to scroll down a bit to see the post) Plus Jungle Love is one of the best songs evah!

And last but not least, Jonathan over on Kickshaw Productions has done a couple of interesting reviews on the historical accuracy of the fashions in some recent movies. Here and here.


What-I-Found said...

Oh, thanks for the shout out!
I have Christmas toys from a 1924 catalog to post this week. Dolls and train sweet.
I hope you are asking Santa for another cool calendar!

Fast Eddie's Retro Rags said...

Hey hey girlie, great minds think alike! Or disturbed minds, whichever. Pogues= good old fashioned, dysfunctional Xmas goodness.