Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Paperspine is my personal, completely unessential necessity.*

A luxury monthly expense that I really should cut.
I just can't though.
See, I have this problem with libraries, I always owe them money.
Ridiculous you say?
Even though they have on-line renewal I still rack up tons of over-due fees.

The problem is I like to read and not just fanfiction.
I like a nice book in my hands.....nothing heavy, normally a mystery.
A serial killer is nice.
I could go to a used book store, but that would require finding one that I like and driving there.
Experience has taught me that the local ones are full of romance novels which make me laugh at the silly covers and helpless heroines or "chick lit".
Thanks, but no thanks.
Plus I like things to come to me.

So Paperspine has filled the need for a good read with no overdue fees. I end up getting 5-6 books a month (I read very fast which makes the turn around on my side is pretty fast) so the price is comparable to what I might spend at a used bookstore.

Someday, when I have real money, I will buy a Kindle and download all the books I want.

*No they have not paid me to say nice things, but it would be nice.

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