Thursday, December 04, 2008

12 "Vintage" Days of Christmas

(I'll admit to a bit of a Danny crush in days gone by...too bad he
ended up being such a douche-tool as an adult.)

Kim over at The Girl Can't Help It is doing the Twelve Days of Christmas, vintage-crack style.
Day one:

"You don't have to say it. I know this is quite possibly the lamest picture I've ever had the displeasure of finding on the internets, next in line to the nude picture of Pete "homo-erotic" Wentz that's floating around out there, but do you know that there is nothing great in vintage land to show you for neither partridges nor pear trees? (Unless you find a 1980's Avon partridge in a pear tree collectible figurine with Bonnie Belle gingerbread Lipsmacker lip gloss hidden inside a great vintage score. Then it's your lucky day and I think you may also be mentally disabled from smoking too much of the crack and I will have to say GOOD DAY SIR. (See? Christmas is such a freaking joy already! I'm already yelling at crackheads and it's only day one!)"

She is up to day 4 so far.
I gotta hand it to her, I have a hard time blogging once a week, so 12 days in a row is pretty impressive.

(No, you are right, it really does not take much to impress me.)

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Fast Eddie's Retro Rags said...

It's amazing what being an insomniac and having blood made out of coffee can do! I'm surprised the blog is even readable at the speed I type the crap that's festering in my head. (Thanks for shouts, dood!)