Monday, December 15, 2008

Open Tabs

Let's see, this week Angie posted a video interview filmed at Dorothea's Closet, her vintage clothes store in Des Moines Iowa, from 512 Magazine.

Kim got a bird zombie in the the mail.

The Smoking Gun finally got a copy of that Van Halen Rider with the "NO brown M&M's".

Carol over at Dandelion Vintage is having an end of year sale.

Jodi at Couture Allure always has the most interesting links. This one is to the Morris Museum which is presenting an exhibit on outerwear; "Stepping Out in Style: Outerwear from the Past 150 Years".

The VFG Blog featured vintage jewelry this week. Look, one of my items made the cut:

Fun post about adding a bit of Burlesque to your life.

What Mamie Wore on Mrs. O.

Not Quite Nigella...Luxurious Rocky Road...heaven.

Vintage Airstream Home

I want some of these "vintage" hairpins from Cara Lyndon.
(I don't think they are really vintage, but vintage "look".)

This was a new one for me. Lotion Candles...candles that burn at a low heat and when melted you can massage the "wax" on as a skin lotion.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Vintage Goddess! Vintage and luxury go so well in hand :)