Tuesday, November 02, 2010

One More...Predictions

I'll predict that the Dems will lose around 50ish seats in the house which is what historically happens to the party in the White House.
Let me say this again...this is not a "wave" or an "earthquake" or a "tsunami" for the Republicans.
It is what happens historically during the midterms to the party that is in the White House.
Of course the Pundits and President Palin will spew how this means Americans hate Obama and that everything the Democrats have done is teh suck and that we are a center-right country.

I think the Republicans might pick up a few seats in the Senate, but will not take it and I would not be sad if Reid was out and someone (Schumer?) became Majority Leader.

Arkansas is going "almost" red (we have weathered the recession/almost depression well with a surplus and our Gov is a likable man with a tool running for the R's) and will lose all that sweet Agriculture Committee cash which is just what a small, poor, rural state needs...but hey that's what the TeaGOP Party folks here seem to want.
And they will get just what it deserve when Tim Griffin (who should be wearing a orange jumpsuit) takes Vic Snyder's seat in the House. Oh and I'm sure the ridiculous amendment to our state constitution to make fishing and hunting a RIGHT will pass...morons.

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P. said...

Here in WI, I am mourning the loss of Russ Feingold to Ron Johnson, who I'm afraid will do his surname proud and be one more Rep. dick in the Senate.