Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Glee Annoys Me

So first off, I must say that I liked last nights show and think that the comments from Tom and Lorenzo are worthy of a reprint:

To the straight people reading us: remember high school?
(Yeah guys, I remember high sucked.)

Remember your favorite songs and movies, TV shows and music videos from that period? Imagine if all of that media bombardment telling you what to like, what to wear, and how to be attractive, popular, and cool, imagine that all of that aimed for and addressed everyone else but you? Imagine what it's like when every sappy love song (or angry breakup song), every rom com, every trendy TV show and blockbuster movie, even every video game, imagine if they all depicted a form of romantic love that simply isn't available to you. Imagine going through high school without even so much as a hint of yourself reflected in any of the things you watch and listen to, any of the things that literally every other kid is talking about. Imagine the one thing you want more than anything in the world: to be kissed, please god, just to be kissed, imagine you have never seen that depicted anywhere or referred to in any way but as something to be mocked and shunned.

We grew unexpectedly teary-eyed watching this number. Not because sappy teenage pop songs get us worked up, but because the sight of a sappy teenage pop song being sung by one cute teenage boy to another cute teenage boy is still, sad to say, an extreme rarity. All we could think while watching this number was, "My god. What would it have been like to see this at 14?" To have the media offer up a romantic fantasy that actually reflected what we secretly yearned for......

Teenagers see thousands of murders depicted onscreen by the time they reach 18 but most of them never see a boy kiss another boy or sing him a sweet love song. You want to prevent gay kids from killing themselves? Push for more scenes like the above. Giving a young gay boy the dream that someday Prince Charming will come and sing a love song to him? You cannot imagine. You simply cannot imagine how revolutionary such a thing is.

We're sorry, folks. We know other things happened this episode and other songs were sung. We know you're expecting a recap of those moments, but for us, and we pray to God for thousands of gay kids out there too, there was only one moment in last night's show and it left us a little breathless and on the verge of tears. We're afraid the rest of you are going to have to recap the episode for us.

Now watch the video and tell me you did not cry....

That was the good part of the show.

Now I will bitch about the part I hated.
Coach Bieste's story....which was so well acted BUT....
As if a kiss from Will Schuster is going to wipe away years of being thought of as not a "real" woman because she is not "feminine" enough to attract anyone (male or female!) to so much as kiss her?
I just do not believe that a woman who has been successful in what is a traditionally male job would really give up a career that she had to (making assumptions here) fight tooth and nail to achieve because her feelings were hurt?
Not happening.

Plus what I really had hoped would happen is that she would have reviled she was in a long term loving relationship and that she really just did not give a shit what a bunch of little teenage boys thought of her sexually.
And she would have had no problem finding a way to earn back the respect she felt she had lost.

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Lisa @ the Vintage Fashion Library said...

Amen. That episode pissed me off. Except for Kurt. He's amazing.