Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Retro Christmas Gifts

I got one of these for Christmas.

I already have 2 Mixmasters....
The first is a 40's Model 9 one that works, but is rusted up in the housing for the beaters and when I have used it tiny bits of rust fall into whatever I'm making.
My late 60's one belonged to my mom and it has been awesome, but the beaters fell apart this year during all the holiday baking and I just did not have the energy to go searching for the correct beaters so hubby bought me a new "classic" Sunbeam Mixmaster. Not as powerful as the older one, but so far I'm pretty happy with it.

My mother gave me a lovely scarf made out of local Missouri Alpaca wool and an adorable apron. Not vintage, but very vintage looking and I can wear it in place of the vintage one I was fixing to wear out.
And it is big so it actually fits me.

I also got a new flat screen monitor from my son. It is kinda cool once they have a job, but no real money responsibilities and they want to spend some of it on you.

What was you best gift this year?

Oh and we still have no fucking snow....


shabbychic72 said...

What an adorable apron! I love it!

bonheur du jour said...

I love the apron's pattern--I have some pretty aprons, but I don't cook. :-D

My mom gave me my best gift in November--it is a vintage vanity that we found while yard sale-ing. It was $50, and it is probably the prettiest thing I ever got as a gift. Photos:

What-I-Found said...

My son got me a Sony Reader...same situation as yours. Employed and nothing to really spend his money on. He's even been known to pick up the tab once in's a miracle!
But his sister trumped him for "best gift"...she's pregnant again!
'Course he couldn't really compete with that. ;-)))

k said...

The older appliances just seem to last longer. My mother passed down to me her Oster 900 Kitchen Center (mid-70s model) -- she had most of the parts but we've also picked up a replacement arm, a different sort of food processor add-on, and extra beaters. It's still in great condition and holds up to everything. On the other hand, the series of 90s and 00s model hand mixers I've had here have all lost power.

Thanks for the plug!

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

You are now the Domestic Vintage Goddess, too
Best present? A new Kitchen we gave eash other
Second Best - enough warm socks to last a week