Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Thankful For...

Turkey was great, dishes are done and I am beat, but I thought it I'd take a bit of time to go though the things that I am thankful for right now.

I am thankful that my husband is still with me, that my son (for all his teenage faults) is in my life and that my parents are healthy and financially secure.

That it's President Obama and not President McCain.

I'm thankful for my online friends (Kim, Jen, Lisa and Tina), my "phone" friend I have never met (Angie) and my dear friends here in Arkansas (Kim and Tracey).


Paula Dean and her awesome, oh, so bad for you recipies.

The scroll-down fug.

That the Obamas provide political eye candy.

Fang, Rosie, Bell, Nico, Alley Cat and Cheif. They annoy me, but what is a life lived without creatures who give you unconditional love and loyalty.

That Glen Beck and the teabaggers are doing their best making extremism look, well nuts.

That LOST will soon be back (I watched The Constant the other day).

Welbutrin, Ambien and my new thyroid medication.

YouTube...yes, YouTube because it allows me to find so many videos of artists like Elvis Costello, Queen and Dusty Sprinfield. and watch Doctor Who a day after it airs in the UK.

You 64 minions.

And all of my wonderful customers who allow me to work at home and away from the public.
That's a good thing.

There are many more, but that's all that is coming to me right now.
What are you thankful for this year?


Sue said...

Stumbled across your blog, and love your post about being "thankful". Well done, and enjoyed the photo of your family, epecially the "finger gesture"! Something my son would do. Have a great day, Sue

What-I-Found said...

Ah, nice to be on your list. Since we are doing Thanksgiving today I'll do my list today and yep, you're on it!

Kim@ The Girl Can't Help It said...

AWW! *one single teardrop falls, while a lone violin plays*. (Yeah. That made me gag a little, too.)

Big Shamu said...

Let's see, a job and health care. Healthy pets and loving family. Cars that still run. The ability to appreciate a good snark.