Monday, September 07, 2009

WTH? Mosaic makers on Etsy?

No seriously, what the hell is the matter with you people?
Cutting vintage teacups in half and selling them for "crafts" or making them into nightlights.
Why does this bother me?
A. I was looking for a couple of Franciscan Starburst teacups/coffee cups and found the one cut in half along with that great Temporama pattern. I actually clicked on to buy the 2 because it was just what I was looking for except it is JUST HALF of the fucking teacups.
B. I just hate useful things that are still in good shape being cut up, broken up and basically ruined to become supplies for someones craft/art.

God and don't get me started on the mosaic tiles that used to be vintage plates.....



fuzzylizzie said...

It's completely crazy. I believe in reusing and recycling, but this is DIY running amuck.

Nathalie said...

To give the seller credit, the other halves might have been chipped or broken, thus rendering the cups unusable anyway. But yes, otherwise that kind of thing really does bug me too... I think it was you who linked to the Claire McCardell dress transformed into a stupid witch's hat... now that one really hurt!