Friday, September 11, 2009

Shopping Vintage Etsy

Last week I decided that I wanted new teapot and more and more if find myself turning to Etsy for my vintage purchases.
The one I use right now is very small, but only holds about 1 2/2 cups and I really wanted one that would hold about 3ish.
I also wanted it to to be kinda atomic or mid century modern.
I ended up buying the teapot pictured above from EPOCA ECLECTIC , I know, awesome.

While shopping I also ran across these other vintage teapots/coffee pots I liked (a couple have already sold) and a Nosferatu Vinyl Wall Art.
Creepy, but awesome:
You know you want one.

I also liked this vintage Pyrex tea/coffee pot:

and this incredible Arn Jacobsen Tea Set:

and this small Atomic Star Pitcher:

(and DAMN YOU whoever bought that Schaffer Beer Clock!!! I went back to buy it and it had sold the day before. Arrrrrggggghhhh. I would never have shown it if I had thought I might get a nice run of sales so I could buy it for my kitchen. Very sad.)


Bree said...

very cool!

Ms. B said...

I love the first coffee pot, I never knew they came in that shape, very cool!