Monday, August 10, 2009

Tomato Pie

Last week I made Paula Dean's Tomato Pie recipe.*
Last week my husband and I ate the whole damn thing.
It was just that good.
This week I made a larger one (just dbl the recipe and made it in a 9X13 dish instead of a regular pie pan) so I could have leftovers today.
Just as good this week as last except The Teen who hates tomatoes said "ok, you were right mom, this is really good". So much for leftovers.

Great recipe for this time of year when you have all those tomatoes sitting around and wondering who you have not given some to.
The first time I just used a pre-made pie shell, but this time made my own pie crust.
Really pie crust is easy folks, especially if you use a food processor.

and Yum.
Oh, Yum.

Tonight it is fried pork chops with gravy and mashed taters and probably cantaloupe.

*You need to peel the tomatoes. To do this you make an X into the bottom of your tomato, drop it into boiling water for a min or two (just to the point where you see the skin begin to peel away at your X) the drop them in cold water for a min. You can now just slide the skin off.

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