Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Life for Vintage

My views on taking perfectly good vintage and hacking it up to make "trendy" garments that for the most part are NOT well made is well known.
But in the hands of a talented seamstress and designer a piece of vintage clothing that is damaged and has outlived its usefulness can be a thing of beauty.

This brings me to re:couture a line of designs now being offered at Shrimpton Couture (a site that is everything I want to be when I grow up)....

"re:couture is a new label from designer Tallulah Charlotte and is exclusively available through Shrimpton Couture. Tallulah is a long time vintage devotee who chooses to work with damaged vintage and restores or re-works it to make pieces wearable once again while adding her own unique vision to each piece."

(Tallulah. I love that name. I hope that is her real name. If I had had a girl I would have named her Tallulah. It is a name that you don't mess with. Powerful.)

These are just lovely designs that stay true to their original eras.

I would even argue that this delicious design (really, it is just lovely) is a step up from the "originally a maxi length vest that was ruined beyond repair near the hem" it stated out as, because maxi length vests should never had existed in the first place.
Except maybe as garments for Maude or Mame, no one else could pull these off without giving off a real "crazy cat lady drinking highballs at lunch" vibe.

Another wonderful design.
Respect paid to its 50's base with an added modern twist.

Re-making vintage done right.

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