Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mmmmmm, Raspberry

No, not raspberries to eat, but this amazing raspberry silk HATTIE CARNEGIE gown at Dorothea's Closet.
Strapless gown has fantastic seaming along front and off-set pleats to side of center waist, drapes dramatically to the floor. Supported by self crinoline, has RIGHT metal zipper suggesting it was custom made for a left handed wearer! Stole wraps around shoulders, seams create lift, straps pull under arms.

Carnegie was in business from 1909 until her death in the 50's but her business continued until the late 70's. From the Vintage Fashion Guild Listing:
It was said that a lady could be dressed from "Hat to hem" at Hattie Carnegie (the one item she did not have being shoes!) By the 1940s, Carnegie's store was actually a department store. There was a handbag shop, where a customer could order a bag to match an outfit or hat, the fur salon which was next to the Custom Salon, a millinary shop and a ready-to-wear hat shop, her jewelry department, an antique shop that sold furniture, china and glass, a cosmetic and perfumes department, the Jeune Fille shop which sold Spectator Sports and ready-to-wear from other design houses.
To see more of this great dress go here and for more information on Hattie Carnegie check out the entry for her on the Vintage Fashion Guild.

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