Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Morning Glory and Disappointment

I did finally hear back from my Doctor.
The scans did not really show any real issues with the parathyroids, but they might have seen something with my thyroids.
Getting an ultrasound on Friday.
The problem is that my Dr. took off on vacation today (no I do think re deserves a holiday, he's a nice guy) so I could only talk to his nurse. Nice lady, but she was just setting up the time and trying to explain what was going on.
Ultrasound on Friday, results at the beginning of the week with a visit to see Dr. Mayfield.
I've gone down the thyroid road before and nothing has ever come from it.
So this is all probably an exercise in futility and a waste of money and I'm just disappointed because it would have been nice, for once, to have a cut and dried "this is what is wrong and it will fix what is wrong with you" ending.

Morning glories are one of those vintage flowers I love. Old style, vibrant colors and a bit chaotic.
The ones pictures are going on the sunny side of the back deck.

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