Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vintage Pattern Watch

This week on eBay I am watching:

This Vogue Special Design pattern, the side treatment is scrumptious.

"This week I am featuring a great selection of patterns that belonged to a lady that made all of her own clothes. Some of them are sultry and maybe a little Boho – she lived in a really cool house tucked away on a side street in town – she has recently passed away at the age of 92. Be sure to check all of the patterns out – there are a hundred or so of them and I think I’ll list them 25 or so at a time – to help keep myself straight. They are all 30’s – 40’s – 50’s – mostly Vogue and Vogue Special Designs – with some Butterick and Simplicity. "

From the same seller, Vogue 5256:

Oh just go and look at her listings, there are some snappy designs there.

I'm also watching Vogue Couturier Pattern #890 that was mentioned on Dress A Day.

I love ballgowns with huge ass pockets.

How awesome is this strapless cat suit with swing jacket, Vogue 7439?


Oh, and this delish Jo Copland that was just listed.

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