Monday, May 04, 2009

Tiparillo Skank©

I just realized that it has been way too long since we have peeked at The Girl Can't Help It blog and see what Kim is up to because with Kim, you know it will be crazy awesome.
I was right.
Look, it is those dirty vintage Tiparillo ads. When I was a kid, I just knew that there was something naughty about these.
I was right.
(come on, why not just say it! "should a gentleman offer his penis to a dental hygienist who obviously has an oral fixation?")

You've come a long way baby.....but I would still like to be a "Tiparillo skank"©.
(copyrighted to Kim)

1 comment:

Kim@ Fast Eddie's Retro Rags said...

You'll always be a Tiparillo Skank to me, Julie. "Should a gentleman offer a Tiparillo to a vintage clothing seller?"