Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three Wolf Night

Via Pajiba.

This T-shirt is selling like hotcakes over on
Pretty cheezy, but dude the user comments are a hoot.

"bought this shirt, and instantly old girlfriends started calling me again. The shirt has an amazing pattern, and feels so great on my skin. Nothing brings out the man in me like this wolf shirt"

"You wouldn't believe the tail I pull in this f'n thing. Every male should invest in one."

"came to this site looking for a nice two wolf shirt maybe with one black wolf and one white wolf. Then I saw this three wolf shirt and instantly ordered it. Upon receiving it I put it on. Now my bucket seats look sweet. I hope I can afford to buy another one for the passenger seat before they are sold out. A Trans-Am can't have too many Three Wolf Shirts."

Funny shit.
The best part are the real reviews stuck in between the tails of healing and the dead being brought back to life.

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