Monday, January 12, 2009

Vintage Arkansas

Recently The Old State House Museum here in Little Rock, AR. received a gift of $1000 to restore the gown worn by Mabel Claire Martineau in 1927 to her husband's inauguration ball when he became Governor.

Oh my, that is one lovely vintage 20's dress.

The website for the museum has a nice timeline of all the dresses of the former First Ladies of Arkansas.

Here are a few others, one from 1933 and the other circa 1953.

The last one is Hillary Clinton's from 1979, which was the fist time Bill was elected Governor.
I mention it because it was made by a local designer, Connie Fails.
Last weekend I was over at a friend's house just going though her closet looking at the great vintage she has collected over the years and she pulled out this exquisite dress that looked like a beaded 20's wedding dress, but was a actually a reproduction made for her by Connie Fails.
Cool, huh?

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