Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Thoughts and Pancakes

I feel giddy.
Today is special.
Pancakes seem like the proper breakfast this morning.

Looks like the Inauguration has broken Twitter for the time being, the servers are not robust.

Mrs. O looks lovely in gold (Yellow? Lime Green? Hard to tell) brocade (maybe matelasse EDIT: it is "Swiss wool lace, backed with netting for warmth and lined in French silk") by Isabel Toledo. I gotta say I love how she rocks the vintage looking shift dresses. Could the piece at her neckline be vintage? EDIT: IT IS!!!!
I'm very impressed with the color choices for her gloves, shoes and purse. Yummy contrast.

I caught my breath as Obama and Bush came out the door of the White House.

Why don't men wear hats anymore? Even the most blah Congress critter looks more interesting in a hat. Obama would look Denzel hot in a hat.

Do you wonder if Jill asked Lynn Chaney what it was like to sleep with Satan each night as they rode in the limo?

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kimberly said...

I thought Michelle & Jill looked so great. I liked Michelle's green/yellow outfit, and I thought the color was pretty on her, but if I could have one of her outfits I'd take that camel/beige coat she wore earlier this week (yesterday?).