Thursday, January 22, 2009


Here be spoilers...

Flaming arrows?
Didn't they shoot "the others" with flaming arrows at some point (FTW, The Boy got it right that the dude in the red shirt would die...he was the "red shirt" guy as in Star Trek where the red shirt person on an away mission is always the one who dies, poor bastards) and what if the whispers they have heard on the island are actually themselves bunny hopping though time?

Lots of flowing man locks last night.
Sawyer without a shirt most of the show.

Oh and I think Richard is a pirate from the Black Rock, picture him with Jack Sarrow hair....only clean.
He kinda has that sexy pirate look to him, or at least what I would want a pirate to look like if I ever met a pirate who was thinking about having his way with me instead of the ugly, pox addled smelly dudes they really were.

When will Jack die?
Die Jack die.....

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Lisa said...

I have one thing to say about that picture. HOT.