Monday, November 17, 2008

The Queen of Garfinckel's

This is a fabulous article on the Garfinckel's website about Elizabeth Fairall who was called "The "Queen of Garfinckels".

The following is an article from Colliers Magazine, February 10, 1951. This was a time when there were no racks of clothing in the store: Ladies came in to shop, sat on sofas and were shown the clothing on models. And strangely enough for the time, the merchandising operations of the Garfinckel's stores were run by a woman, Miss Elizabeth Fairall, who had been with Julius Garfinckel since the beginning of the company in 1905. During a time when corporations were run by men, I'm sure this article about the female vice president of one of the most important fashion retailers in the United States was unique.

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