Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Mother Will Kill Me

My name is Julie and I am a pie crust snob...or I was until my husband (who does the grocery shopping. i think grocery shopping is a form of purgatory, not unlike bra I spend too much money when I go, I think it is all the bright lights, they confuse me) brought home the roll out Pillsbury Pie Crusts.

Really, they taste almost like homemade, super flaky and so easy.*

You just roll them out.

Tonight I made Chicken Pot Pie.
(yes I know there are no carrots, I had no carrots so I put in potatoes, green beans and corn)
Very yummy and The Boy, who is really picky about food even at almost 17 and still hates all things green, liked it.

The reason my mother will kill me is that I gave her such a hard time when she started using frozen pie shells after a lifetime of making her own pie crusts. It must be genetic since I am probably close to the age she was when she decided "fuck it, life is too short to make pie crusts".

Smart woman.

*The Pillsbury folks are welcome to send me a check for this endorsement....

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