Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Vintage Finds

Went to a couple of estate sales this weekend.
I think I missed out on patterns at one because I did not have the van on Thursday so had to wait till Friday to attend. There were still some 70's patterns and all indications of a major sewer, sooooo.....
Didn't find anything for the site, but I found some great stuff for myself.
(i know, i know i need to spend money like i need a hole in my head)
But look what I got!
New vintage kitchen curtains (the copper on the curtains is a metallic paint), another vintage chrome chair (I was all about the kitchen) in turquoise and yellow, a couple of tablecloths

(I might sell these) and a nice deco bowl.
And a 70's (?) red with silver piping bowling bag.

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Miss Janey said...

Great the Deco bowl.