Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vintage Sportswear Workshop

Lizzie Bramlett of fuzzylizzie Vintage Clothing will be doing a sportswear workshop on The Vintage Fashion Guild's public forum this week, June 23-25th.

June 23-25: American Sportswear

Monday, June 23: The workshop will start with a brief historical overview and go on to discuss bathing suits.

Tuesday, June 24: Lizzie will explain how sportswear evolved in private situations, such as women's colleges and summer camps.

Wednesday, June 25: Day three will be devoted to active sportswear (tennis, bicycling, golf, hiking, skiing) and how active sportswear spilled over into the everyday lives of women. Sportswear greats, such as Claire McCardell, Carolyn Schurner and Tom Brigance, will be mentioned.

Make time to spend sometime reading and taking part in this virtual workshop.

Here is a bit of vintage sportswear from Damn Good Vintage for a bit of shameless self promotion.

Vintage 50's/60's Swimsuit Bathing suit with the prettiest Red and pink geranium print.

Vintage late 40's plaid playsuit.

And the best vintage golf shirt!

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