Thursday, February 21, 2008

Please Don't Eat Jebus's Head

I've have always marveled at the crap religious stuff that is out there in "bible book stores".
It all seems slightly creepy to have Christian mints with bible passages or little Mass kits for kids to play with.

As always the folks over at have taken my shudder meter and made me laugh with the list is of 20 Tacky Religious Products Guaranteed to Anger God.

The list is has such gems as Grow Your Own Buddha, Teen Witch Kit and the Ten Plagues of Egypt Toy.

#14 is just wrong:

#1 is a dog nativity set:

As you're no doubt aware, the most common complaint about nativity scenes is they're too prejudiced against non humans. After all, who are the dogs supposed to pray to?

Luckily, some intrepid inventor out there took a stand and made the Dog Nativity Scene featuring Mary, Joseph, some wise men and the Messiah Himself, all as partially clothed canines. It's blaspheming fun for the whole family, assuming your family enjoys dodging angry thunderbolts and plagues.

I think eating a chocolate Jesus this Easter just might cross that "piss off God" line.
Good Times....

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vintage sue said...

Too funny with the Tacky Religious Projects! Go over to Fresh Vintage and read WWJB (what would Jesus buy?) for more yucks.