Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obligatory Vintage Oscar Dress/Drinking Game Post

This would be my obligatory vintage Oscar dress post…..
if I was not down with The Crud.

Not the flu, but The Crud.

I feel yucky….but not OMG! Kill Me Now sick.

Just, ~meh~ I need to go back to bed and sleep.

I have done nothing for 3 days. Mr. Vintage Goddess has been a trooper. Made dinner for 3 days, cleaned the kitchen, did the laundry and cuddled with me last night when I got the chills from my temp.

That is why we get married ladies, so that someone is there a 12 midnight when you are cold or to make sure you did not fall asleep in the bath and drowned.

So here is Liz Taylor in a great dress from Edith Head in 1969. Here is a paperdoll of Liz Taylor and her hair from Fancy Ephemera:

Fancy Ephemera Paper Dolls features Brenda Sneathen Mattox's original art.
Paper Dolls include: literary heroines, royalty, Hollywood costume, classic movie stars, Victorian ladies, historical fashion, and vintage brides!

There are tons of cool links and information on her site go by and take a look around and buy some paperdolls.

I will not be taking part in the Oscar Drinking Game (which basically is a shot every time you say “OMG!”, “What was she thinking.”, “Who let her out looking like that?” and “It is called a fucking bra Gwyneth.” ) since the meds already make me feel dunk.

What I will do is begin writing down my impressions of the cracktastic Oscar fashions I see as long as I can stay awake.

Enjoy the show and I’ll get back with you later….

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