Saturday, December 15, 2007


I was heading out to Big Lots today to pick up a new pillow (one of those memory foam ones) that a friend recommended. They were $12 and the same brand is sold at "Bed, Bath and OMG! You don't Need This Shit Beyond" for around $50.
I thought since I slept so well on our new memory foam mattress topper last night I would try one.
(and really I slept really well. I woke up only once, I normally wake up 2 or 3 times, and my back did not hurt as bad as normal.)
There is a huge thrift on the way.
Of course I stopped.
I do not look for vintage clothes at thrifts, I don't have the time and really, for the most part don't find anything older then the 1980's on the racks.
I do look for clothes for The Boy and myself and always check out the "household" stuff.
You never know when some one will donate a house full of vintage Danish Modern furniture or an awesome Haywood Wakefield sofa. I'm on the lookout right now for a MCM tall and narrow china cabinet for my kitchen. Always have an eye out for a cool two tier fiberglass lamp shade, or kitschy stuff or a flash of turquoise and gold.
Today I saw some turquoise and gold.
Look at what I did find today:

Those are some awesome glasses.
$1 each.
I love them.
I actually said "SCORE" when I walked up to the shelf.
I got six of the gold and turquoise highball glasses and six of the cocktail glasses and then six of the red and gold cocktail glasses.

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