Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bringing The Cute Back To eBay

Normally I only list once a month on eBay and for the most part
it is vintage clothes, but this week I decided to do something

How can you refuse?
Teh cute-ness is overwhelming, is it not?
Look at that poor little kitty working so hard everyday of the week.
They really are as sweet as can be.
The vintage kitty cat Days of the Week towels can be bid on here.

I also decided to list a group of old vintage photographs of miners at a mining operation.
I think it is in Rhode Island, but it is hard to read the writing on them.
I find old photographs fascinating, epically ones of folks at work.
Here is a peek.
and this cute little toddler (with old man eyes) all bundled up in a sweater.
You just know that when he (she?) walked they will just waddle like the brother in A Christmas Story when his mom bundled him up to go outside.

Last I put a group of vintage sewing patterns up on Sew-Retro and thought this one deserved a shout-out. It is the perfect rockabilly wardrobe (if only it had some sexy cigarette pants) in one pattern. It looks like a vintage halter dress, but is actually a button on skirt with 3 different blouses; a sexy off the shoulder number, a great pin-up wrap blouse and the halter top.
That would make a killer vintage dress with ANY of the tops.

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