Sunday, December 09, 2007

Greedy Much?

In an radio interview on NPR a woman from Iowa, a REPUBLICAN voter said:
"I make a great deal of money through my own hard work. I don't want to pay for someone else's child to eat breakfast at school anymore."

Even the Witch King is blown away by the evil, ugly, greedy honesty of her statement.

So we will let Devilstower on Daily Kos respond:

"Get that? She makes not just enough money, but a "great deal of money." How dare anyone take it away for something so frivolous as feeding a poor child? And yet Republicans, through their actions in blurring the lines between church and state, have become the "party of faith." Because they say so. Because they are bold in their actions and snarling in their defense.

We need to be just as adamant. We need to not hide behind any abstraction or evasion. We need to be unafraid to address this voter and say "I am going to take some of your money, and give it to that poor kid, because it's more important -- both to the child and to society -- that he eat, rather than that you have an extra week in Cabo."

Note that we should not pretend that "a program will take your money." Or "the government will take your money." This is a democracy, and we are the government. I will take your money. I will. Some of that money you worked hard for and want to keep. I will give it to a kid who is hungry. If your concern is that poverty should be addressed by individuals, then there's a simple solution: feed him. If there are no poor children needing food, I won't have to take anything for them. If your position is that people would be more generous if only the government would stay out of it, then sorry. I'm not willing to put this child at risk to as part of your experiment. Besides, if that were true, then why were their more hungry kids before we started these programs to give them a little breakfast? If your position is that your being able to keep all your money is more important than a child being fed, then I simply think you're wrong. And sick. You want to keep that money? You better beat me at the polls."

If it helps these greedy bastards who don't want to spend their money on things like free food for poor kids, I'd rather not spend my money on the war in Iraq.
and in the end money spent feeding poor kids so they can do better in school benefits not just the children, BUT all of us when most of those kids go on to be tax paying adults. It works in the same way the GI bill worked after WW2*, for every dollar the Government spent back then, seven dollars were put back into the economy after those guys became college grads with good jobs.

Just a reminder that there is an election next year and that there really are folks like that woman in the Republican "I got mine, screw you" party. These are the folks who elected Bush, who love Bush and see nothing wrong with him or the hatred exposed by the Religious Right.

For Democrats the whole entry is good read. Like Kos says "we do not need to elect Democrats, we need to elect BETTER Democrats".

*just a reminder. Today's vets do NOT get the same GI Bill of the 40's and 50's, theirs is crap compared to that one. Mostly in Bush's America we like to just screw our returning war heroes.

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vintage sue said...

Hear, hear, girl! I'm so glad you posted this and agree 100%. Only 320 shopping days until the election!