Monday, October 29, 2007

TMI and Teen Sex

Was just listening to NPR and they had a story about Gernarlow Wison finally being released from prison.
(and just let me say i can not believe that ANYONE would think that a getting a blowjob from a teenager a couple of years younger (he was 17, she 15) then you is worth 10 years in prison and the lifelong label of "sex offender". Stupid? Yes...Worthy of any prison time? No.)

His lawyer mentioned this website:

From the website:
This legal maxim means that it is no defense to plead I didn’t know what I did was illegal!!! So that’s why you have to know your rights! My5th™ is a non-profit to discuss the laws that apply to you. We want to be real and tell you how laws affect your everyday life… you decide if they are right or wrong. We will cover both criminal and civil law issues. My5th™ gets it's name from the 5th Amendment of the Constitution---the clause that guarantees due process of the law before you are deprived of life, liberty or property and provides that you cannot be a witness against yourself. My5th™ will cover these rights and so many more.
Please show this to your teens so they know what are their rights and how to protect themselves from the laws and authorities in your area.....'cause in some places folks are just NUTS about that fact that ~gasp~ teenagers have sex.
Whats more teens seem to enjoy taping it and sharing it...which really I don't get and that freaks out parents even more and the kids just do not see why is bugs us...they think we are way too uptight.

All I know is that when I was a teen there were a couple of guys who might have gone to jail because of me.
Which just chills me to the bone since they were other teens, not creepy 20 or 30 year old guys, guys from school AND I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING. I wanted to have sex, it was fun, there was no pressure from the guys.

Do I think teens should wait?
Sure, it is a good idea and even though sex is a biological urge it is still best enjoyed as an adult.
(and no, I could care less if you are married or not or who you do the deed with as long as they are other consenting adults)
I'm sure I was sexually active at an early age because of a slightly emotionally distant father and man, was I lucky I did not get pregnant or get an STD and this was before AIDS.
It was a crap shoot and I had luck on my side.

Do I talk to my son about this?
Oh, HELL yes.
He knows I was sexually active, that I'm lucky I did not end up pregnant or worse.
What's more we talk about what could happen to him as he gets older, the crazy sex offender laws that apply to both creepy pedophiles, peeping toms AND guys who had sex with their teenage girlfriends alike.
We talk about condoms and girls coming on to him and trying to resist (yes, I do tell a teenage boy to resist, but really I don't expect it to happen....I'm more interested in him knowing he can tell me ANYTHING or ask me ANYTHING without me getting mad or judging him) them if the time is not right or the condom is not available.
We talk about how when he is 17 to make sure he avoids girls under 16 at all times.

So he and I will spend sometime on My 5th and make sure he is aware what is and is not legal for him to do with his own body.

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