Monday, October 15, 2007

In Praise of Separates

40's cool rayon blouse

I love a vintage dress as well as the next gal, but really when it comes down to it vintage separates are much easier to integrate into a modern wardrobe.
Some of us do not have bodies that fit well into vintage dresses or just are not dress (gasp!) aficionados.

40's Green Gabardine Nipped Waist Jacket

50's Black Beaded Vintage Sweater

A 40's nipped waist jacket looks great with pants or a skirt, can be worn in many situations and makes you look just chic as can be. Skirts and tops can be mixed and matched with modern or other vintage clothing items to give you a one of a kind look all your own.

40's Eight Gore Vintage Flannel Skirt

All of the above items can be found at Damn Good Vintage Clothes.

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