Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Want to Hug It

That's how I feel about Pushing Daisies.
It makes me grin and cry and I just want to hug it.
I can't even explain why it is so good.
The crazy retro look, the clothes Chuck wears, Chuck's Aunts, Chuck's Aunts jeweled eye patches (yes, she has them to match her outfits!!!!), Olive singing Hopelessly Devoted to You while dancing with the dog, PIE, how I'm always worried that Chuck and the Pie Maker will accidentally touch, the fact the PI calls Chuck "Dead Girl" and the most amazing decision to have Jim Dale (of the Harry Potter audio tapes...the only thing that could make me love this more is if Stephen Fry was doing it.) do the voice over which gives the show that wonderful, almost magical fairy tale feel.
There is so much more.
It is just so fucking sweet.
Every week
So sweet, but just slightly off balanced.
Unconventional and romantic.

PLEASE watch this show so it will not get cancelled.
The new shows this fall have pretty much sucked and really this is the only bright spot.

And if you watched last night you would have seen Chuck channelling Audrey Hepburn in an awesome RED new look dress (vintage or not) with huge shades and huge hat.

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