Saturday, April 28, 2007

There Might Be Patterns

The other day I got a call from my friend who has a brick and mortar Vintage shop here in town.
She was going on a "house call" to a home where a woman had passed, her brother was trying to clean the place out to sell while caring for his elderly Brother-In-Law.
"There might be Patterns" she said.

So of course I said "yes"!
The deal is that she gets most of the clothes on these trecks, but she does share the pickings with me nicely and I get first pick on the patterns and sewing notions.
The gentleman's sister was a compulsive shopper.
Lots o' clothes that had NEVER been worn, I got a few items.
Not only was she a compulsive clothes shopper, she also was a compulsive pattern one. She saved everything from about the time she moved into the house in 79'. If only she had never moved. Who knows what we would have found.

And she bought almost ONLY Vogue.
And she did not use them.
AND she remembered to get the tags!
So there were about 300 patterns.
A number were too new, some had been used and the patterns just balled up and put back in the envelope (I weep at the loss of a Pucci and a YSL Russian) and they could not be saved.
In the end I have about 100 large format Vogues (Vogue Paris Original and the like) most uncut and with tags from the 60's-to late 70's along with about another 80 or so small vogue and other maker patterns.
Lots of Dior, Lanvin, Molyneux and more.

I've started listing them at Sew-Retro Vintage Patterns.
Stop by and take a look.

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