Saturday, April 28, 2007

Everyone Needs Bunnies and Poodles

So, I am not into cute.
And though I like purses and have a nice little collection of vintage ones, I usually like to buy very utilitarian black bags with no style for my everyday use.
That is why it is so strange that I am actually dying to own this purse:

Not only that, I am thinking about spending money I DON'T HAVE on a damn purse.
I'm sure the purse snobs out that are all "what? it is not a Fendi or Gucci?"
Or whatever is the cool purses now.
Who cares? Do you see those gold rivets?

Bunnies and freaking poodles!
Bunnies and poodles on a great navy leather satchel bag.

I'm dying.
I refuse to tell you who has it or what vintage shop in Iowa it might be residing in.

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